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The Doserless Rancilio "Rocky" coffee grinder has two switches:
  1. The main power switch is on the bottom right side of the chassis. It does nothing but act as a master power switch. It must be On before the momentary contact push switch will work.
  2. The momentary rocker switch is on the lower left front of the grinder. This must be continuously held in - with the main power switch On - in order to activate the grinder's motor.

In electrical terms these two Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) switches are wired in series. Both must be switched On in order to grind coffee. The downside of this connection is that, while it is not a large imposition to hold in the front switch in order to fill an espresso machine's portafilter, it is far from ideal when grinding larger quantities such as that required for a pot of drip coffee, a vacuum pot, or a French press.

It is quite easy to rewire these two switches so that they are connected in parallel rather than in series. With this modification either switch will activate the grinder. Now the front push switch activates the motor when pushed with the main switch in the Off position. The main switch will activate the motor continuously while in its On position.

Materials Required:

  •  3 standard crimp terminal connectors available at any hardware store
  •  1 - 6" length of stranded 18 gauge black wire

Tools Required:

  •  Phillips Head screwdriver
  •  Crimping tool
  •  Wire cutter
  •  Wire stripper

Full details and photographs are included in the following PDF attachment: Rocky's Revival


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