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I thank my Dad for my weather interests.   As a newspaper man for a small town paper he had an official weather service weather station in the backyard. It was in one of those large white, louvered wooden boxes that used to be so popular for the purpose.  My favorite job as a little kid  was putting the graduated "stick" into the rain gauge.  When I got older the idea of having my own weather station appealed to me, especially a fancy one that connects to a computer. For years you couldn't find anything for under $1,000.  Finally I discovered Davis Instruments. Not only are their weather stations reasonably priced but they are scaleable. You can start with a modest set up and add to it as the wallet permits.  Since you can buy so many of the pieces individually you can give all your relatives a single, reasonably priced part on your Christmas list. Voila you've got your station.  At least that's how I did it!!!

In addition to the weather links below don't forget to check out my live, local weather link. You'll find a button on the Rimpo Home page that will take you there or just click here


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