The Rimp Gallery

Left to Right

Chuck Rimpo (eldest brother), Unknown (Aunt?), Maurice Rimpo, Lois Anna Wanzer Rimpo (Mother), Unknown (Cousin?), Unknown (Grandmother?), Rev. Edward William Rimpo (Father)

Colby College Yearbook 1941

US Army Somewhere in France WWII

The Proud New Editor holding his first "Banner" Circa 1952

Back Row: Rev. E.W. Rimpo, Maurice, Brother Ed, Ed's wife Marge

Front Row: Lois Rimpo, Chuck Rimpo holding his namesake, Lil Chas

Mr. Atlas 1953/p>

Rimp plays catch with Molly, first in a long string of family Dachshunds

Christmas Card Photo 1956

Toasting Chas on his wedding day 8/6/83