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From "Daze of Yore" here are photos from Chas' Band Daze

More photos as I find them.  Yes that's Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald of Night Ranger...with hair!

The Serfs - 1965


  Michael Dodd, Lead Guitar    Alan Fitzgerald, Drums                 Chas Rimpo. Bass   John Hughes, alto sax

The Misfits - 1966
Michael Dodd, Lead Guitar
Chas Rimpo. Bass
Alan Fitzgerald, keyboard
Bruce Meyers, Lead Guitar
Don Malaber, Drums
The Bluze - 1967

Bluze Card


   Alan Fitzgerald, Rhythm Guitar Michael Dodd, Lead Guitar Jim Snyder, Drums        Chas Rimpo Bass

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Bluze Hullabaloo Club

Fluffy Sidewalk - 1967-68

Fluffy Sidewalk

Michael Dodd, Lead Guitar
Chas Rimpo, Bass
Roger Hedden, Drummer #1
Ken Cober, Drummer #2
Dennis McCallum, Howie Stein Keyboards
Queen Mab - 1970
Michael Dodd, Lead Guitar
Chas Rimpo, Bass
Richard Sweet, Guitar
?, Drums
Sir Charles and the Holidays - 1971-72

Sir Charles & the Holidays

       Ken Cober      Chas Rimpo           Charles Spencer               Rob Parsons

In earlier incarnations Jimmy Patchett, Lead Guitar and Ron Sadoff, Lowrey Organ

Dog Busters - 1986-88
April Rimpo, Lead Singer
Chas Rimpo, Bass Guitar
Doug Lloyd, Sax
Bill Worger, Drums
Roger Holt, Lead Guitar
John Mallon, Brad Schafer, Keyboards
The Out Patients - 20?
Michael "Viagra" Dodd - Guitar
Chas "Gall Stoned" Rimpo - Bass

Stay Tuned.  You never know...

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