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Some might find it strange that my two favorite beverages are beer and coffee, but that's just the way it is.  And if you're going to do something, you have to do it right within the limits of your budget!  To me the perfect cuppa involves everything but growing the beans myself.  (Maybe some day, but that part sounds like too much work!)

I start with green beans which are only about 40% of the price of a pound of fine quality roasted beans. I use a fairly high-end home roaster than can handle 9 oz of beans at a time. (Most low-end home roasters are limited to about 3.5 oz.) The beans puff somewhat as they roast - sort of like popcorn - so that the you end up with a considerable larger volume when it comes out of the roaster.  For optimum flavor use the roasted beans from 24 hr to a week after emerging from the roaster.

Next you need a good quality burr grinder to get just the right grind.  A decent one will run between $120 to $375. Then of course a fine quality espresso machine is a must.  You can spend well over a thousand bucks for a top notch fully automatic espresso rig. However, a quality manual machine can be had for around $400.

There are many top notch resources on the internet. I've included some of my favorite links below. Most of these are mail order outfits that also offer extensive information.



Grow 'em

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Roast 'em


Grind 'em


Brew 'em

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Coffee Links

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Josuma Coffee - Home of Dr. Malabar Gold
McMaster-Carr - When Home Depot just doesn't cut it
Randy Glass - General info plus specifics on Silvia and Hottop
Reg Barber Tampers
RK Roasting Drums - Turn your gas grill and rotisserie into a high volume coffee roaster. See Roasting page
Specialty Coffee Association of America
Smith Farms - Premium Kona beans straight from the source
Stumptown Coffee - Excellent Roast Beans
Sweet Maria's - equipment, green beans, info and reviews

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