Tired Girls

So Cute

Dusty, Moki, and Patch ruled the roost back in their day, but they're all gone now.

Jeremy & Greta May 2013

The Twosome

Jeremy Senior Portrait
(July 2004)


Take a Trip on the "Wayback Machine" with Mr. Peabody

Who's the Hotty with the Big Fro?

Who's the hotty?

Why is this Farmer Smiling?  
(See Above)


Farmer Bob

Jer strums

This may be the one and only time Jeremy tried the guitar. He turned into a trombone player!

Pictures from Christmas '99
Bonnie & Mo Bonnie & Mo
Rimpo-Major Christmas in Cambridge, MD

Rimpo-Major Christmas 1999

Jeremy shows Grandpa a magic trick Grandpa Paul & Jer
Cat's Meow Times 3

Cat's meow

All three girls are gone now,
but not forgotten

"Resistance is Futile"

Jeremy is assimilated by a Borg disguised as R2D2

Jer gets assimilated

Marion & April St. Martin 2011

Marion-April St Martin 2011

Thanksgiving in Dayton

From Left: Maurice, Bonnie, Jeremy, Paul, Marion, April, Chas, Dan
Thanksgiving 1996

Family Reunion in Cambridge circa 1997

From Left: April, Chas, Maurice, Bonnie, Michelle, Jeremy, Tim, Nora, Jeanne
Summer 1996